16. March 2015

ASCG comments on IASB ED/2014/5

The Accounting Standards Committee (IFRS Committee) has finalised its comment letter on the IASB ED/2014/5 Classification and Measurement of Share-based Payment Transactions – amend IFRS 2 (comment letter to IASB/ to EFRAG).

In general, the IFRS Committee welcomes the IASB’s aim to clarify the specific points addressed in the ED as there seems to be diversity in practice regarding some issues that IFRS 2 does not address explicitly. However, the Committee notes that IFRS 2 contains a lot of guidance seeking to clarify individual cases rather than the general principle. This has the effect of making the standard very complex. This complexity increases by amending the standard as proposed by the IASB. Therefore, the ASCG recommends a Post-implementation-Review of the standard.