25. February 2016

ASCG comments on tentative agenda decision by the IFRS IC on IFRIC 12

Today, the ASCG has submitted a comment letter to the IFRS IC. In this letter, we comment on a tentative agenda decision on IFRIC 12, taken by the IFRS IC in its January 2016 meeting. In the comment letter, we support the decision, in particular since it takes into account several specific circumstances that are unique under IFRIC 12. Our comment letter even has a broader implication, as we had submitted in August 2015 a separate Potential Agenda Item Request (“submission”) comprising several related IFRIC 12 issues. This submission by the ASCG will be deliberated by the IFRS IC soon; the recent tentative agenda decision however has implications on answering our submission.

Further, we comment on a final agenda decision regarding several IFRS 5 issues by pointing again to the need for a project by the IASB to comprehensively revise IFRS 5.