29. July 2020

Consultation of the ASCG on the IASB’s Exposure Draft ED/2019/7 General presentation and disclosures

The Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (ASCG) invites you to participate in a survey (web-based questionnaire) on the IASB’s exposure draft ED/2019/7 General Presentation and Disclosures. The aim of this survey is to obtain a well-founded and broad opinion of the interested public on the proposed amendments.

On December 17, 2019, the IASB published extensive proposals for improving the structure and content of IFRS financial statements (especially for the income statement) in its exposure draft ED/2019/7 General Presentation and Disclosures. The proposals are a response to the needs expressed by users of financial statements:

  • comparability of IFRS financial statements across companies,
  • a greater disaggregation of information, and
  • details of company-specific performance indicators.

The questionnaire (in German) is aimed at both preparers and users of financial statements and can be accessed via the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/DRSCBefragungPFS. Interested parties are invited to participate in the survey until September 11, 2020. The survey is completely anonymous and is intended to give you the opportunity to give us your opinion on the IASB’s proposals. The results of the survey will feed into the discussions of the IFRS Technical Committee of the ASCG, which is responsible for preparing a comment letter on the IASB’s exposure draft.