10. May 2021

ASCG to host outreach event on the IASB’s Discussion Paper DP/2020/2 Business Combinations under Common Control

The ASCG, jointly with EFRAG, invites all interested parties to a public outreach event involving a representative of the IASB. The topic of the event will be the IASB’s Discussion Paper DP/2020/2 Business Combinations under Common Control (we reported).

We would like to use the event to discuss with you the preliminary views of the participating standard setters. Also, we seek the exchange on your views on the changes and preliminary decisions of the IASB proposed in the Discussion Paper.

The event will be held on Monday, 7 June 2021 from 13.30-17.00 in German and – due to COVID-19-related restrictions – web-based.

Participation is free of charge. For logistical reasons, we kindly ask you to register your interest by sending an email to bahrmann@drsc.de before 1 June 2021.