1. August 2023

ASCG publishes Draft Comment Letter on the ISSB Agenda Consultation

The ASCG today submitted its draft comment letter on the ISSB Agenda Consultation to ERFAG.

It is the result of considerations in the Sustainability Reporting Technical Committee. The issue “Integration in Reporting” was discussed in the Joint Technical Committee. With today’s submission the draft comment letter is simultaneously made available on the ASCG’ website for an exchange of views. Comments and suggestions on the draft can be sent to bahrmann@drsc.de until 14 August 2023.

On 4 May 2023, the ISSB launched the consultation on its future work priorities. The aim of the consultation is to gather public views on the strategic direction of the ISSB, the balance of its work programme and the thematic priorities of future standard-setting activities. The consultation covers the ISSB activities for the next two years. The ISSB’s comment period ends on 1 September 2023.

Together with the ISSB and EFRAG, the ASCG on 28 June 2023 held a web-based Public Discussion on the current ISSB consultations.