26. May 2020

ASCG adopts GAS 28 Segment Reporting

At its meeting on May 12, 2020, the German GAAP Technical Committee of the DRSC adopted German Accounting Standard No. 28 Segment Reporting (DRS 28).

The central regulatory area of the standard is segment reporting, by which the consolidated financial statements can be extended in accordance with Section 297 (1) sentence 2 HGB. GAS 28 generally follows the management approach in defining segments, determining segment data and determining the segment data to be disclosed, and thus the internal decision-making and reporting structure of the group.

Compared to the draft of this standard (D-GAS 36), published for consultation on 29 October 2019, mainly editorial adjustments were made. Changes to the content relate to an additional rule on summarising and describing “All other segments” and the recommendation to disclose prior year figures.

The date of first-time application was set for financial years beginning after 31 December 2020. Earlier application is recommended.

The standard will be submitted to the BMJV – for the purpose of publication in accordance with § 342 (2) HGB – in a timely manner.