19. February 2015

EC consults on Capital Markets Union

The European Commission today launched its landmark project to unlock funding for Europe’s
businesses and to boost growth in the EU’s 28 Member States with the creation of a true single market
for capital. (Green Paper Building a Capital Markets Union)
The Capital Markets Union aims to break down the barriers that are blocking cross-border investments
in the EU and preventing businesses from getting access to finance. The current environment is tough
for businesses that remain heavily reliant on banks and relatively less on capital markets. The opposite
is true in other parts of the world. One example of the opportunities a fully functioning single market
for capital could offer: if EU venture capital markets were as deep as the US, as much as 90 billion
euro more in funds would have been available to companies between 2008 and 2013.
With the CMU, the Commission also wants to clear obstacles that are preventing those who need
financing from reaching investors and make the system for channelling those funds – the investment
chain – as efficient as possible… EC press release

The Commission is seeking feedback from the European Parliament and the Council, other EU
institutions, national parliaments, businesses, the financial sector and all those interested. All
stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit their contributions by 13 May 2015 …. further information – link to to consultation page.