30. March 2021

IASB 2021 Agenda Consultation – Request for Information

Today, the IASB has started an essential step of the 2021 Agenda Consultation by publishing a Request for Information (RfI), thereby consulting its stakeholders on the IASB’s future activity and work program (further information).

The agenda consultation aims at determining

(a) the strategic direction and balance of the Board’s activities;

(b) the criteria for assessing which projects to add to the work plan; and

(c) financial reporting / accounting issues that should be given priority.

Therefore, the RfI proposes issues that could become part of the work programme and what priority should be given to them, and asks stakeholders to comment on these proposals or otherwise give feedback.

The IFRS foundation, as required by its Due Process Handbook, undertake an agenda consultation every five years. The current consultation has been started in 2019 by first consulting the IFRS foundation’s bodies as regards the potential issues of this consultation. Based on this, the IASB developed the request for information and has now started to seek formal public input.

Feedback on the RfI is requested by 27 September 2021.