30. March 2017

IASB publish a Discussion paper to Disclosure Initiative

As part of its Disclosure Initiative, the IASB published a discussion paper: Disclosure Initiative – Principles of Disclosure on 30 March 2017. This consultation document addresses issues in the context of existing IFRS disclosure guidance and includes proposals to develop new, or clarify existing, disclosure principles in IFRS Standards to address those issues and to:

  • help entities to apply better judgement and communicate information more effectively;
  • improve the effectiveness of disclosures for the primary users of financial statements; and
  • assist the Board to improve disclosure requirements in Standards.


The ASCG will conduct two outreach events about the content of the discussion paper. The first event on 28 April 2017 is an education session to provide constituents an overview about the main content and important proposals of change. The second event is scheduled for September and provides participants the opportunity to share view on the discussion paper proposals directly with representative from IASB and EFRAG and members of the IFRS Technical Committee of the ASCG. Further information about the registration for both events is available on the ASCG homepage.

The IASB requests comments on the proposals by 2 October 2017. (IASB project page)