26. April 2022

Members of EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Technical Expert Group appointed

On 25 April 2022 EFRAG has announced the members of the new Sustainability Reporting Technical Expert Group (SR TEG).

The appointment was followed by an extensive nomination process to which almost 100 candidates applied. Philippe Diaz (WWF), Klaus Hufschlag (Deutsche Post AG), Julia Menacher (Allianz SE) and Thomas Schmotz (DRSC, Country Liaison Member) were appointed as German TEG members.

With the appointment of the SR TEG members, the major part of the governance reform to integrate sustainability reporting into EFRAG’s organisation is completed. In addition, the main conditions for handing over the work of PTF-ESRS to the permanent structure of the EFRAG SRB and EFRAG SR TEG are now in place.

For more information, see EFRAG’s press release.