25. April 2022

ASCG to host outreach event on the future reporting on intangibles

The ASCG will host an outreach event on the future reporting on intangibles on 4 May 2022 from 10:30-12:30. Subject of the event will be

  • the upcoming European legislation for enhanced reporting on intangibles according to the recent CSRD draft,
  • the IASB’s expected consideration of a better reporting on intangibles and
  • various activities of national standard setters on this topic.

EFRAG contributes significantly to the ongoing debate on the reporting on intangibles with its discussion paper “Better Information on Intangibles – Which is the Best Way to Go?”. We will address this Discussion Paper in more detail during the event. In the following panel discussion, we will also take a closer look at intangibles as a key area of the link between financial and sustainability reporting. You can find the agenda here [only available in German].

The event will be held in German and web based. Participation is free of charge. However, for logistical reasons, we kindly ask you to register your interest by sending an email to bahrmann@drsc.de before 3rd May 2022. You will receive the access data shortly before the event.