GAS 2-10 Cash Flow Statements of Financial Institutions

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Status: Withdrawn with GAS 21

  • With Publication of the authoritative German version of the GAS 21 Cash Flow Statements by the Federal Ministry of Justice under section 342(2) HGB on 8 April 2014 the GAS 2-10 Cash Flow Statements of Financial Institutions, issued on 20 December 1999 (Federal Gazette No. 103, S. 10191 of 31 May 2001), as amended by Article 2 of German Amendment Accounting Standard No. 4 (GAAS 4) issued on 5 January 2010 (Federal Gazette No. 27a of 18 February 2010), is withdrawn.
  • It had to be applied for the last time to the financial year beginning before or on 31 December 2014.