15. July 2020

33rd General Assembly of the ASCG

On July 14, 2020, the 33rd General Assembly of the ASCG took place at the invitation of Siemens AG at their headquarters in Munich. Due to the corona pandemic, the meeting was conducted in virtual form as a video conference.

In addition to the regular official business, the agenda included the discharge of the members of the Association’s governing bodies, the approval of the annual financial statements for 2019 and the adoption of the 2020/2021 business plan, and above all the new appointments and replacements for the governing bodies for the next three-year cycle.

The General Assembly also marked the end of the third term of office of Professor Dr Ralf Thomas (Siemens), the long-standing Chairman of the Administrative Board. Professor Thomas had taken over the office in the course of the restructuring of the ASCG in 2011 and with great personal commitment had made a significant contribution to helping the association regain its reputation.

On the occasion of the end of his term of office Professor Thomas made the following statement:”I would like to thank all current and former members of the ASCG for almost a decade of constructive and trusting cooperation. Today, the ASCG is the recognized German voice of accounting, both domestically and internationally. I wish my designated successor Nicolas Peter a good hand and every success in continuing to develop the ASCG successfully in the future.

The President of the ASCG, Professor Dr Andreas Barckow, thanked Professor Thomas for his many years of service in office with the following words: “We can truly consider ourselves fortunate to have had you, dear Mr. Thomas, at our side over the many years as Chairman of the Administrative Board. I would like to thank you for being available at all times and for your warm, personal manner, as well as for your expertise, contacts and wealth of experience, which you have used to support me in my duties. On behalf of the members of the ASCG and the staff at the Secretariat, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the past nine years and wish you continued success and a steady hand in your various tasks and offices.”

The members of the Administrative Board and the Nominating Committee were then elected for the next term of office until 2023. Newly appointed to the Board of Directors were Georg Baur (VOEB), Marc Hess (Aareal Bank), Gerhard Hofmann (BVR), Dr Nicolas Peter (BMW), Christian Sailer (KPMG), Dr Jochen Schmitz (Siemens Healthineers), Dr Sven Schneider (infineon), Stefan Schnell (BASF), Dr Christopher Sessar (SAP), Marco Swoboda (Henkel) and Dr Jürgen Wagner (Siemens). Mr. Santokh Advani (Marquard & Bals) and Mr. Gerhard Ziegler (WPK) could be won for the Nominating Committee.

The complete list of members of the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee can be viewed here.

We would like to thank all members who have left the Administrative Board and the Nominating Committee for their many years of service to the Association, as well as the reappointed or newly appointed members for their willingness to become personally involved in the work.

June 30, 2021 in Berlin has been set as the date for the 34th General Assembly.

Following the general meeting, the newly appointed Administrative Board met for its first meeting. The members of the Administrative Board unanimously elected Dr Nicolas Peter as the new Chairman.

Dr Peter expressed his thanks for the confidence placed in him by saying: “I am very much looking forward to dedicating myself to the exciting task of Chairman of the Administrative Board and thank you for the trust the General Assembly has placed in me. In these turbulent times, the work of the ASCG is more important than ever – whether it is the increasing importance of non-financial reporting or a clear commitment to the endorsement and application of unmodified IFRSs as issued by the IASB. These and other topics will be the focus of our work in the coming months and years.”

Professor Barckow commented on the election as follows: “I congratulate you on your election and look forward to working with you, dear Mr Peter. As I have come to know you, I am sure that you will carry out your office with the same commitment and success as we experienced under Mr. Thomas. Subsequently, the Administrative Board elected Professor Dr Dieter Truxius (VMEBF) as Deputy Chairman for the third time in a row, thus sending a clear signal of recognition for the performance of his duties.

Finally, the members elected Mr. Christian Sailer (KPMG) as treasurer.