18. March 2020

Coronavirus: Committee meetings and accessibility of the ASCG

The current situation around the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a challenge to all of us, the ASCG being no exception. Due to the widespread travel restrictions and the reduction of the risk of contagion for our own employees, we have decided to suspend all scheduled physical sessions and convert them into webcast meetings until April 19 initially.


  • Subject to official instructions to the contrary by the authorities, our offices will stay open as usual during core working hours.
  • For the time being, however, we have offered our employees the possibility to work from home. The easiest way to contact them would therefore be by email.
  • Meetings of our technical committees and working groups will be held by video or telephone conferences for the duration of existing travel restrictions.

The meetings of our technical bodies will be recorded and then posted as usual on our website. The ASCG is also currently testing the possibility of direct participation of third parties in the videoconferences of its technical bodies. We will inform you as soon as such possibility exists.