22. November 2018

IFRS Foundation Trustees announce appointment of the ASCG to the IFRS Advisory Council from 2019

The Trustees of the IFRS Foundation have confirmed the appointment of the President of the Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (Representing the national standard-setters of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom) as well as 11 other new individuals and the reappointments of five individuals to the IFRS Advisory Council (further information)

The Council advises the IFRS Foundation Trustees and the Board on both strategic and technical matters. It consists of over 40 representatives from various groups that are affected by and interested in international financial reporting, including academics, analysts, auditors, investors, preparers, professional accounting bodies, regulators and standard-setters.

Andreas Barckow commented on the decision: “With the appointment to the IFRS Advisory Council, the changes in representation of European standard setters within the advisory bodies of the IASB were successfully concluded in our spirit. This appointment enables the ASCG to continue to actively monitor and shape the development of IFRS, as the Council plays an important role in the strategic direction of the IFRS Foundation and the definition of the IASB’s work programme. I look forward to the challenges ahead.”