6. December 2019

EU published Amendments to Reference in the Conceptual Framework

The European Union has published the Commission Regulation (EC) No 2019/2075 of 29 November 2019 amending Regulation (EC) No 1226/2008 adopting certain international accounting standards in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council in the Official Journal 6 December 2019.

With this Regulation Amendments to Reference in the Conceptual Framework adopted.

The following standars and interpretations are changed:

  • IAS 1 Presentation of financial statements
  • IAS 8 Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors
  • IAS 34 Interim financial reporting is amended as set out in the Annex to this Regulation;
  • IAS 37 Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
  • IAS 38 Intangible assets
  • IFRS 2 Share-based payment
  • IFRS 3 Business Combinations
  • IFRS 6 Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources
  • IFRIC 12 Service Concession Arrangements
  • IFRIC 19 Extinguishing Financial Liabilities with Equity Instruments
  • IFRIC 20 Stripping Costs in the Production Phase of a Surface Mine
  • IFRIC 22 Foreign Currency Transactions and Advance Consideration
  • SIC-32 Intangible assets — website costs