17. October 2020

Personnel changes in the EFRAG Board

The Executive Director of the ASCG, Prof Dr Sven Morich, has been appointed by the EFRAG’s General Assembly as a new Board Member of EFRAG. The appointment was made unanimously and initially for the remaining term of office of Prof Dr Andreas Barckow, who resigned his membership and the office of Vice-President on 25 September 2020. Upon taking up office, Prof Morich has given up his seat in EFRAG TEG. The ASCG will decide on a successor there in the near future.

The General Assembly also decided to extend the term of office of all current EFRAG members by six months until 30 April 2021. Originally the terms of office would have expired on 31 October for about half of the board members. The extension was made in order to ensure a smooth completion of the endorsement process of IFRS 17.

The General Assembly also agreed to appoint the Hans Buysse as Vice Chairman until the end of his term of office on 30 April 2021. Finally, it appointed Ricardo Sanchez to succeed Karin Dohm, who had left the EFRAG Board on 1 September.