17. October 2023

EU Environmental Taxonomy: Stakeholder Request Mechanism launched

On 17 October 2023, the Stakeholder Request Mechanism for the Environmental Taxonomy Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2020/852) was launched. It allows stakeholders to submit proposals for the inclusion of new activities with new technical screening criteria or for the revision of the technical screening criteria of already covered activities.

Proposals submitted by 15 December 2023 will be summarised and reviewed in a package by the Platform on Sustainable Finance. Following this review, recommendations from the Platform will be submitted to the European Commission. The Stakeholder Request Mechanism will continue to operate in the meantime. The Platform will set further deadlines internally, form and review further packages and subsequently submit further recommendations to the European Commission.

The European Commission is not bound by the proposals submitted by stakeholders or by the recommendations of the Platform on Sustainable Finance, but may take them into account when adopting new delegated acts on the Environmental Taxonomy Regulation.

The ASCG will continue to engage with developments on the EU environmental taxonomy. In the past, we held eleven user forums on the EU Environmental Taxonomy with our member companies and associations. The problems and possible solutions discussed in the user forums were forwarded to the European Commission in the form of submissions. Some of the issues raised in the submissions are also addressed in the FAQ documents published by the European Commission. Additional information can be found on the relevant ASCG project page.